12th International Conference – Shenzhen 2009 : “Using the Underground of Cities: for a Harmonious and Sustainable Urban Environment”

Held in Shenzhen, China in November 2009, the conference presented at least 90 academic papers from more than 10 countries, and they concerns various issues regarding underground development, which are Underground space development and utilization, underground architecture and planning, development of underground traffic, risk assessment and safety of underground projects,management and legislation of underground space, evaluation and monitoring of environment or resource on underground space and numerical analysis and construction technology of underground projects etc.

Hosted by:
AShenzhen Municipal Government
China Civil Engineering Society (CCES)
Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering (CSRME)
Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC)
Division of Civil, Hydraulic and Architecture Engineering,Chinese Academy of Engineering
Division of Engineering Management,Chinese Academy of Engineering

Organized by:
Underground Space Sub-society of CSRME
Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Metro No.3 Line Investment Co., Ltd
China Railway South Investment & Development Co., Ltd

The Proceedings represents the latest progress and achievements in underground space field, and can be referred by the persons who are working on plan, design, teaching and research regarding underground space.

Qian Qihu
Chairman of ACUUS2009 Organizing Committee
Email: gcyqqh@163.com

A CD-ROM, ISBN: 978-7-5001-24979, is available at the price of 80 Rmb (postage not included). You may contact ACUUS or the publisher at: book@ctpc.com.cn

12th Conference – Shenzhen – 2009

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